What Happened to 2017?

What Happened to 2017?

So, it has been a while since I wrote here last. After IM Muskoka, I took a week in the back country of Algonquin with family. During that portaging trip I must have done something to my leg – likely while carrying a canoe and a pack over rocky terrain on tired body. I basically didn’t run again for the remainder of the 2017 season, and so essentially stopped training and focused on recovery.

The issue was traced most likely to a bone contusion, which was compounded by some IT band fun once the contusion was able to bear weight again. I’ve had more fun.

But I’m back rolling again this year, and have been in full training mode now for several months. For the first time, I’m now working with a coach and am seeing some significant results. The extra guidance is so helpful, not just for my training but in helping balance the rest of my priorities as well.

For 2018, I have three events lined up to date, with more to add later in the season:

6 May – Mississauga Half Marathon
8 July – IM Muskoka 70.3
16 September – MSC Barrelman

Just a brief post today – lots of work left to do before the real fun begins! Will be a great season!

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