Weekly Workouts – May 8 to May 14

Weekly Workouts – May 8 to May 14

Weekly Stats:
Swim: 5900m, TSS 147.4
Bike: 311 km, TSS 702.2
Run: 20.1 km, TSS 153.7
Total Duration: 14:12
Total TSS: 1003.1
CTL: 118.9
ATL: 122.3
Form: -2.1

So I’m learning that sciatica is the worst. Doctor suggested not running for a while and the pool has been closed basically all week. That’s left me to cycle plenty. I’ve had a great cycling week as a result, but swim is less than desirable as is running. And ongoing back problems are causing sciatic pain in my left leg when I run, so not sure how long I’ll be out of the running game.

But the good news is that my cycling was actually quite good this week. I logged an all time high in KM, TSS, and in hours in the saddle. As well, I got a new trainer tire since my old yellow one shredded to bits. I calculated that I rode on that tire for 3371 km though, so it did its job pretty well I think.

My TSS goal for this week was 1000, which means I did accomplish it. I was hoping to go a bit harder than that though and do closer to 1200, but with the pool and running being what they are, I’ll have to “settle” with 1000. Funny – last year I’d have been pretty stoked with this week (if injury was removed) but this year, knowing I’m leaving gains on the table (well, not really but that’s how it feels not being able to do 2 of 3 disciplines) just sucks.

I spend a fair bit of time chasing TSS goals because they have worked for me. It makes sense to me as a way to gauge fitness, and I have all the tools I need to track it accurately. But it isn’t always good, seeing my CTL drop because one discipline is out of the mix despite what are obvious gains in my fitness. This is now a mental game. And I have no idea how to deal with that because there are no numbers for mental fitness.

Anyway, here’s how it went this week.


5.92 km
Avg Pace: 5:47
TSS – 45.6
IF – 0.85
This was originally supposed to be an FTP test but due to the sciatica issue this ended up just being a light low intensity “see how bad it is” jog. Turns out it was pretty bad.

800m WU
2 x (300m, 3 x 100m)
16 x 50m
200m CD
TSS – 73.6
IF – 0.98
Felt great. Starting to think I need to FTP test here again too.


13.4 km
Avg Pace: 5:44
TSS – 102.5
IF – 0.85
Basically the same workout goal as Monday’s run but just over a longer distance. Turns out its still pretty bad. Last run for a while.


TrainerRoad – Antelope +4
Duration: 1:45
NP –  2.40 w/kg
TSS – 119.7
IF – 0.83
Moved my ride cave upstairs, so this was my first ride there. HR was out of control, need to figure out some better cooling to keep this under control. Basement was much cooler, but also way more depressing.


TrainerRoad – Geiger +2
Duration: 1:30
NP – 2.37 w/kg
TSS – 100.6
IF – 0.82
Still haven’t figured out the cooling issue. HR was out of control again.

300m, 10 x 50m WU
400m, 4 x 100m
300m, 3 x 100m
200m, 2 x 100m
100m, 1 x 100m
TSS – 73.8
IF – 1.0
Workout called for most of this to be slower than threshold pace. I was coming in faster in just about every interval so I went with it and pushed hard to do as much of this over threshold pace. Definitely need to do some retesting once my swimming schedule levels out. Stupid pool closures.


TrainerRoad – Hunter
Duration: 2:00
NP – 2.35 w/kg
TSS – 130.4
IF – 0.81
Cooling was better but still not ideal. Getting there. HR still high. Now under Dr’s advice not to run, so no more runs for the week.


TrainerRoad – Brasstown
Duration: 1:30
NP – 2.07 w/kg
TSS – 75.1
IF – 0.71
Lower intensity recovery-ish ride.


TrainerRoad – Eclipse +3
Duration: 2:00
NP – 2.50 w/kg
TSS – 149.4
IF – 0.87
Wow. 4 x 20 mins at 88 to 94% is a good amount of power. And this ride felt great. So why does my back hurt when I run for 4 minutes if I can do this ride and feel awesome?


0.82 km
Avg Pace: 5:51
TSS – 5.6
IF – 0.82
Just testing things. Slow paced to see if I could run. Turns out no. Sciatica is awful.

TrainerRoad – Hunter -2
Duration: 2:00
NP – 2.30 w/kg
TSS – 126.0
IF – 0.82
Again, not understanding how I’m able to manage feeling great through a hard cycling week when I can’t run for 4 minutes. Frustrated but also happy that I can still swim and bike under the circumstances.

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