Weekly Workouts – May 22 to May 28

Weekly Workouts – May 22 to May 28

Weekly Stats:
Swim: 6650m, TSS 147.2
Bike: 350km, TSS 896.4
Run: 6.37km, TSS 45.0
Total Duration: 14:44
Total TSS: 1088.8
CTL: 121.5
ATL: 146.5
Form: -9.2

Lots of work this week. The vast majority on the bike too. I started playing around with Zwift this week. A nice change of pace but not sure it will catch on for me. I was still able to do the Trainer Road workouts using the workout mode in Zwift. This did work quite well. But if I do that there isn’t really a point to Zwift, being based on the social interaction. Also as interesting as it is to have “accurate” speed and how that speed compares to others & elevation, that gets old fast. The novelty is wearing thin.

But that’s also why it looks like I did a butt-ton more kms this week than normal. Zwift is likely more accurate than TrainerRoad in how it measures distance, since TrainerRoad just uses the actual speed ANT+ thing I have on the rear wheel & Zwift estimates speed based on watts per kilogram. The resistance in my trainer is such that it isn’t realistic to use the speed. So that, plus my one outdoor ride this week, led me to 350kms. I did actually do that much TSS on the bike. That’s still nuts.

The other good news is that I started running again. It’s more like shuffling, but it counts. Exercising the discipline. I clocked 6 km this week! Very slow. Both runs I did aggravated the sciatica, but it was still great to get out. I noted my heart rate was very low through those runs – that’s a great thing to see. I’ve been a bit worried that my aerobic capacity might diminish since my pool schedule has been erratic (read: terrible) and I haven’t run at all in weeks. I guess biking like crazy does help.

Next week is supposed to be a recovery week, but I think it is only going to be for my bike. The run & swim will continue on as if it were not a recovery week. For my run that doesn’t mean much. I’m adding just 5 minutes to my runs every other day until I get this back problem cleared up, which means I’ll hit 25, 30, 35, and 40 minute runs next week if all goes to plan. It will be slow kms, but that’s the right way to go. For the swim, I’d love to get into the open water this week though I don’t know if that’s likely. I’ll try to return to a normal pool schedule, but the hours are still all bad this week so not sure how much time I’ll accumulate. I’ll do what I can.

My back is improving. The back pain is basically gone. Feels more like pressure. But the sciatica is still there. So freaking weird, this injury. I hope I never have this again.

Anyway, enough jibber jabber. Here’s what happened this week.


Zwift – Just messing around. First time.
Duration: 26:27 & 29:40 = 56:07
NP –  2.57 & 2.82 w/kg
TSS – 31.4 & 43.5 = 74.9
IF – 0.86 & 0.95
Split into two rides because I was playing around and didn’t know what was up. Tried to get up the big mountain on the 2nd workout but my trial expired. Very interesting platform.


TrainerRoad – Tallac +2
Duration: 2:00
NP –  2.51 w/kg
TSS – 140.8
IF – 0.84
Good good.


TrainerRoad – Tallac +1
Duration: 1:30
NP – 2.54 w/kg
TSS – 107.8
IF – 0.85
Weird doing Tallac +1 the day after Tallac +2, but it works I guess. Still good here.


Zwift/TrainerRoad – Antelope +5
Duration: 2:00:46
NP – 2.62 w/kg
TSS – 154.6
IF – 0.88
Used Zwift workout mode to do the Trainer Road workout. That’s allowed, right? Quite enjoyed this one. Rode around Richmond & accumulated 490 meters of elevation gain.

2.64 km
5:45 / km
TSS – 18.7
IF – 0.83
First run in weeks. Sciatica was there, but didn’t flare up as bad as I thought it would. Got worse on uphills, not so bad the rest of the time. Stopped the shuffle after 15 minutes.


Zwift/TrainerRoad – Andrews
Duration: 1:30
NP – 2.11 w/kg
TSS – 75.6
IF – 0.71
Did the Zwift workout mode thing here too. Friday rides are hard. Not because of the workout but because I’ve had three harder days in a row. Catches up. But that’s probably on purpose.


3.73 km
5:59 / km
TSS – 26.3
IF – 0.81
Same deal as Thursday. Low & Slow. Sciatica was a bit worse here but really noticed it more on uphill sections. Wonder if that’s linked somehow.

6 x 75m WU
2 x 200m
1 x 100m
2 x 300m
1 x 100m
2 x 400m
1 x 100m
6 x 75m CD
1:39/100m average
TSS – 66.6
IF – 0.93
First swim in 10 days or something. Just trying to get a feel for the water again. Feels foreign. Lower & slower than I’d like but its like that because I haven’t swam. Back flared on flip turns so some of these were open turns.

Zwift/TrainerRoad – Wright Peak -1
Duration: 2:00
NP – 2.68 w/kg
TSS – 161.7
IF – 0.90
Unique for it’s later in the evening start time. Started at 8:30 pm after a nice dinner with some friends. Felt heavier but cranked out a great ride. Bumped FTP 5 watts for this workout & had no problems. FTP test time…..


550m WU
3 x 400 NS
3 x 300 NS
3 x 200 NS
3 x 100 NS
100m CD
1:39/100m average
TSS – 80.6
IF – 0.93
I like this set normally. The longer intervals were hard to push through due to lack of swimming lately. No flip turns here either due to back.

Outdoor – TrainerRoad’s Antelope +5
Duration: 2:00:00 + 19:15
NP – 2.64 w/kg
TSS – 181.0
IF – 0.88
Good ride outside today. My handling skills are not great. I need to bike outside more often. My Blade Carbon Wheels are fantastic though. Windyish today and definitely noted that they felt great. Slick & fast. Poor nutrition though & paid for it. Do better. Nutrition is too easy to screw up this badly!

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