Weekly Workouts – April 24 to April 30

Weekly Workouts – April 24 to April 30

Weekly Stats:
Swim: 13750m, TSS 315.8
Bike: 233 km, TSS 550.5
Run: 27.6 km, TSS 236.5
Total Duration: 14:22
Total TSS: 1102.7
CTL: 127.2
ATL: 171.2
Form: -39.3

A very odd week. Monday & Tuesday were non-training days, so I tried to cram in lots of work through the rest of the week. I’m not really sure where to begin, or how to feel about this. Just a strange week.

Unfortunate that I missed my TSS goal, but next week is a recovery week. I did some forward planning and sketched out next week and Base 3 Week 1, and I’ll be on track to hit my CTL goals by end of that week. Right now I’m only behind by less than 3 points, which is basically nothing. And 1102.7 TSS is nothing to sneeze at, particularly with the new cycling FTP – taking some time to adjust. The lower intensity cycling in recovery week will be a nice way to better adjust to the new FTP.

I definitely worked hard this week. I don’t feel bad about that. I feel bad about skipping a cycling workout, but need to get past that and just move forward. Recover.


Hiked about 10km carring ~20 lbs.


TrainerRoad – 20 minute FTP test
Duration: 1:00
NP –  2.60 w/kg
TSS – 99.0
IF – 1.0
Bumped my FTP up 30 watts to a solid 200. Happy with this effort.


TrainerRoad – Carillon +1
Duration: 1:30
NP – 2.42 w/kg
TSS – 102.7
IF – 0.83
I do not enjoy this workout. Got through it at the new power but just don’t find this one enjoyable. It isn’t the power targets. I think its the workout structure.

12.2 km
Avg Pace: 5:11/km
10 min WU
6 x 1km < 5:00/km, 3 min recovery
5 min CD
TSS – 105.8
IF – 0.95
Decent. On the track so no elevation change.

Solid 60 minutes with 100m efforts every 300m.
TSS – 66.7
IF – 0.87
OK. Pace was slow at 1:46/100m. Felt like it had been a while since I swam so I wanted to settle back in with an easier effort. This did its job.


TrainerRoad – Hunter -1
Duration: 2:00
NP – 2.33 w/kg
TSS – 127.6
IF – 0.80
PM ride which is not normal for me. Opted for a few extra hours of recovery after the triple the day before. In retrospect, both good and bad decisions. Starting to feel problems in my left hamstring – adjusting to new power most likely.

3 x (100m swim, 4×50 hard)
3 x (200m hard, 4×50 hard)
1 x 800, Odd 100s easy, even 100s hard
6 x 50 hard
200m CD
TSS – 85.9
IF – 0.99
A good speed set. Quite a bit of time in at under threshold pace. Felt good and strong, was happy with the result.


TrainerRoad – Andrews
Duration: 1:30
NP – 2.07 w/kg
TSS – 75.1
IF – 0.71
Lower intensity recovery-ish ride.

15.4 km
Avg Pace: 5:11/km
10 min WU
9 x (5 min < 4:55/km, 2:30 recovery)
5 min CD
TSS – 130.7
IF – 0.94
In general, happy with the effort. Muscles not so happy with the effort. Calves have some lingering pain and the left hamstring issue is worse after this effort. Becoming a problem. Need to scrap my weekend run plans entirely as a result.


500m WU
3 x 400m swim
3 x 300m swim
3 x 200m swim
3 x 100m swim
200m CD
TSS – 84.7
IF – 0.95
Flip turns hurt because of my calves/hamstrings. Not good.

TrainerRoad – Tallac +2
Duration: 15 mins (Di2 Battery Died)
NP – 2.01 w/kg
TSS – 12.0
IF – 0.69
Committed to the ride after warm up but battery died on first interval & couldn’t change gears to hit power target. Called the ride.


TrainerRoad – Antelope +5
Duration: 2:00
NP – 2.39 w/kg
TSS – 134.1
IF – 0.82
A ride I’d expect to have after this week. A bit of pain in my left hamstring but eased off as the ride went on. Calves were not problems here. the 7 x 10 minute intervals were hard towards the end as expected. No major concerns. Legitimately thought about adding on yesterday’s skipped ride for a 4 hour blast but decided that’s stupid.

300m swim
4 x 75 build swim
300m swim desc on 100
4 x 100 on 1:50
1 x 800 holding threshold pace as long as possible
8 x 100 desc 2-2-2-2
6 x 50 CD
TSS – 78.5
IF – 0.98
Interesting set. The 800 went really well. I clocked it at 12:03, which means I was 1:30 and change / 100m average. That’s freakin great for me. My threshold to this point was 1:32, so this may also mean a threshold change despite not a formal fit test. Probably an ok decision. The last 8 100s were hard as expected. The 800 really wiped my arms. Hoping and expecting that sets like these are helping my aerobic system for bike & run efforts too.

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