Weekly Workouts – April 17 to April 23

Weekly Workouts – April 17 to April 23

Weekly Stats:
Swim: 4600m, TSS 103.1
Bike: 261 km, TSS 760.7
Run: 43.9 km, TSS 363.3
Total Duration: 14:39
Total TSS: 1227.1
CTL: 121.2
ATL: 177.9
Form: -37.5

With the pool closed again this week, I had to make up some TSS in the other two disciplines. I also had a really lousy swim on one of my workouts, and I bailed after just 1400m, so really didn’t do much of anything in the pool this week. My arms were feeling pretty drained though, so I think the break will do some good in the long term.

Some great news though – I got my new Blade Carbon Wheels this week and got out for a ride on Sunday. Much more about that in a future post, but suffice it to say the wheels are fast and my fitness is translating into the real world very well. I also got a daytime running tail light, to try to make it safer out there. I did notice that some cars tended to give me more room and drive slower past me. Much appreciated on that.

And I managed to have my best run ever this week. Obviously I’m happy about that, but I’m also surprised at how much that screwed up the rest of my week. I have some learning to do still on workout intensity.


4 x (200m swim, 50m kick)
20 x 100 on 1:50
200m CD
TSS – 75.4
IF – 0.96
Not great, not terrible. On the plus side of good. Nothing special though, just getting the work in.


TrainerRoad – Galena
Duration: 1:30
NP –  2.21 w/kg
TSS – 119.6
IF – 0.90
After last week’s introduction to 20 minute intervals in the sweet spot, I was nervous about this one. But it went really well.

18.0 km, avg. pace 5:07/km
Elevation Gain: 105m
TSS – 156.9
IF – 0.95
Long run that ended up feeling really good, so I shifted the pace up a bit. Probably my best run ever. Following the morning, that made for one hell of a training day.


TrainerRoad – Looking Glass
Duration: 1:20
NP – 2.08 w/kg
TSS – 93.6
IF – 0.84
Almost a recovery ride, but had some tougher spots. All good.

4 x (200m swim, 50m kick)
TSS – 27.7
IF – 0.88
Didn’t have it today. Opted for recovery and bailed.


TrainerRoad – Galena
Duration: 1:30
NP – 2.18 w/kg
TSS – 115.8
IF – 0.88
A bit worse than Tuesday. The same workout, slightly less power here. I was feeling still pretty bad from the long run, and this hard workout was, well, hard. Finished hitting target power but not particularly proud. (That was the same description I had for last week.)


TrainerRoad – Pettit
Duration: 1:00
NP – 1.64 w/kg
TSS – 43.1
IF – 0.66
Nice low intensity recovery ride.

10.6km slow
Avg Pace: 5:39/km
TSS – 118.1
IF – 0.88
Aerobic. Working slower after Tuesday’s long run.


TrainerRoad – Wright Peak -1
Duration: 2:00
NP – 2.19 w/kg
TSS – 154.8
IF – 0.88
Starting to feel good again. A good ride.


Duration: 2:02:34
NP – 2.79 w/kg (!!!!)
TSS – 233.9
IF – 1.07
Finally got outside. The numbers on this ride are a bit odd because my FTP is set for how I ride on the trainer. I need to do some investigation on this and will write more about it in the future. But I hit a 60 minute power level of 2.6 w/kg, which is higher than my current TrainerRoad FTP of 2.48. So there’s definitely something going on. But about this ride, hard to feel bad about it. Worked hard, had a good solid ride. Got to ride on my new BLADE Carbon Wheels – FAST! Set a TON of PRs in Strava and just had a ball. I’ll be riding outside a lot this year.

I tired to set this up to follow Galena +3, which was my TR planned ride. But that didn’t really work very well for a number of different reasons that I’ll talk about in a future post.

10.4km slow
Avg Pace: 5:48/km
TSS – 88.3
IF – 0.85
Aerobic. This sucked. I wasn’t having fun at all. Just trying to put one leg in front of the other.

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