Weekly Workouts – April 10 to 16

Weekly Workouts – April 10 to 16

Weekly Stats:
Swim: 6650m, TSS 148.0
Bike: 251 km, TSS 628.2
Run: 43.6 km, TSS 358.2
Total Duration: 15:02
Total TSS: 1134.7
CTL: 110.9
ATL: 157.8
Form: -48.0

This was an interesting week. It had a mix of highs and lows, and at least once in the same day a high and a low. I think the best way to detail that is to go through each workout with a few comments below, like I typically do. In short, it ended up being a good week. I accomplished my week’s goals and broke a few records, including one long-standing running PB. I wasn’t at all expecting to come close to it – wasn’t even trying, honestly – but managed a new all-time 5K PB!

My pool was closed for the weekend due to Easter holidays. But even so, I wouldn’t have had the chance to get there because, well, Easter holidays. So I loaded a bit of extra run work into this week. Not a lot, but enough to make some gains.

I surpassed my weekly TSS goal by quite a bit. A few posts ago I wrote about increasing my CTL goals for my events this year, and increasing the weekly TSS to match. Well I passed even that goal too. I planned 1070, and completed 1134. All around, a tough week mentally but some good gains and happy with the results.


300m swim on 15s rest
200m kick
6 x 75m swim on 15s rest
6 x 50m swim on 15s rest
4 x 75 kick on 15s rest
3 x 200m swim on 20s rest
3 x 200m swim on 20s rest
16 x 25m swim on 15s rest
200m CD
TSS – 72.7
IF – 0.91
This was my first swim after bumping up the threshold pace to 1:32/100m. I noted a bit of difference in terms of the TSS score attributed but otherwise this was just a typical day at the pool


TrainerRoad – Eclipse
Duration: 1:30
NP –  2.12 w/kg
TSS – 110.2
IF – 0.86
Ouch. This one was tough. First few workouts after a recovery week are always hard, bringing that intensity back up. This seemed like a tough workout on a good day too with 3 x 20 min intervals in the sweet spot. This was also the first workout after a 3 watt FTP bump, trying to account for the power meter fiasco I talked about last week.

3.91 km on avg pace of 5:26/km
Elevation Gain: 32m
TSS – 30.8
IF – 0.90
Round #1 of long run day, still working on my new shoe break-in

12.4 km on avg pace of 5:33/km
Elevation Gain: 130m
TSS – 96.9
IF – 0.87
Round #2, back to the old shoes. Focus here was long hills. This one hurt.


TrainerRoad – Glassy
Duration: 1:20
NP – 1.74 w/kg
TSS – 66.1
IF – 0.71
Again, ouch. This was the first workout that I failed. I wasn’t able to hit my power targets for most of the ride, and ended up just spinning out the last 30 minutes or so. Not proud of this one. Put me in a bad mood and feeling pretty demoralized.

4 x (200m swim, 50m kick)
2 (300m, 3 x 100m)
16 x 50m
200m CD
TSS – 75.8
IF – 0.96
Saw a guy at the pool with the same workout book I do. That was kind of cool. A good workout too.


TrainerRoad – Eclipse
Duration: 1:30
NP – 2.09 w/kg
TSS – 106.8
IF – 0.84
A bit worse than Tuesday. The same workout, slightly less power here. I was feeling still pretty bad from the long run, and this hard workout was, well, hard. Finished hitting target power but not particularly proud.

10.3km – 5:13/km
Duration: 53.48
10 min WU
5 x (200m < 4:40/km, 200m > 5:30/km, 200m < 4:40/km, 400m > 5:30/km, 400m < 4:40/km, 200m > 5:30/km)
5 min CD
Elevation Gain: 87m
TSS – 87.8
IF – 0.94
Chased by a dog again. Just a little harmless one but still kind of annoying. This workout started off not great but ended up being my 2nd fastest 10KM ever. By about halfway I was feeling good and pushing things in a good way. I lost track of intervals too a bit and as a result probably missed one or two. Could have gone faster but no complaints.


TrainerRoad – Pettit
Duration: 1:00
NP – 1.70 w/kg
TSS – 48.4
IF – 0.70
Nice low intensity recovery ride. Rolled into a soft-brick.

2.70km with Loki, the fat dog
Duration: 15:03
Avg Pace: 5:35/km
TSS – 21.1
IF – 0.89
Loki doesn’t like running. Dragged him the whole way.

2.70km with Scout, the less fat dog
Duration: 13:30
Avg Pace: 5:02/km
TSS – 22.4
IF – 0.97
Scout likes running. Didn’t have to drag her at all. She did great!


TrainerRoad – Tallac +2
Duration: 2:00
NP – 2.05 w/kg
TSS – 139.0
IF – 0.84
Feeling crummy about this one too. Wondering what’s going on, if I’ve pushed too far. A real low point for the week.

Duration: 1:00:00
10 min WU
5 x 1km < 5:00/km, 3 min recovery jog
Avg Pace: 5:14/km
TSS – 99.2
IF – 0.94
This wasn’t a brick. I biked in the morning about 7:30 AM, and started this run around 12 noon. This run I ended up breaking my 5KM PB on somehow. I put 13 seconds into it, so not a big gain, but still one I’m pretty happy with. I guess my running form is getting better! After my bad ride in the morning I was pretty happy with this result. A real high for the day.


TrainerRoad – Juneau -1
Duration: 2:00
NP – 2.19 w/kg
TSS – 157.7
IF – 0.89
Finish up the week strong. 60 minute, 90 minute, and 2 hour power records, somehow. This isn’t supposed to be a record breaking workout – it has large 7 minute recovery stretches between 4 x (2 x 9min on, 1 min off) in the sweet spot. No clue how I pulled out records, but this one felt good. And I watched The Matrix while riding, which totally holds up. So a great ride here to finish up.

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