Waking up at 5AM to workout is especially fun when the workout involves coffee and not working out

Waking up at 5AM to workout is especially fun when the workout involves coffee and not working out

This morning’s workout is… coffee! I swear I got up on time and everything, made it downstairs with my workout stuff on, and then clued in that I could work out after work. This immediately seemed like a great idea, and I promptly hit the coffee maker and grabbed my track pants.

Yesterday was my least favourite workout of the week – the long run. I actually had a pretty great run, so this is not a complaint at all. I covered 18 km! But I’m sore.

Waking up at 5AM 5AMclub run

18 km on a 5:07 pace. That’s pushing it for me (remember, not a real runner. normal guy), and I am feeling it a bit today. Still, it was a great run. Three new PRs and a sub-25 min 5k have me feeling pretty good. I don’t do a lot of pure run road races which is part of the reason why I am nudging my records down a bit every little while. I don’t have big breakthrough performances on the run at events because my runs are after riding. So I don’t think I’m overreaching in my training, I’m actually just getting better.

But that left me pretty wiped. Yesterday after the run I managed to not move much. After a hot shower and warm clothes I basically sat on the couch and ate food with my feet up for a few hours before getting to bed early (which for me was a bit after 9:30. I’m cool).

My weekly ride schedule involves six rides, four of which take place at 5 AM and the other two on Saturday & Sunday. Today being Wednesday is supposed to be a Trainer Road ride called Looking Glass. It’s 80 min with an IF of .78. I might be ok on the bike, or it might completely suck and grind and hurt. But, rather than risk it, I thought I could do that after work instead and take a few extra hours of recovery. ┬áMy knees feel tight – no pain but definitely inflamed a bit – so I’m going to care for them. Last week following my long run I had a failure of a workout the following morning. Rather than have that happen, I’ll sacrifice a bit of leisure time. Besides, now I have time to drink more coffee this morning! Recovery!

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