TrainerRoad thinks I’m Right!

TrainerRoad thinks I’m Right!

I tweeted my question from my last blog post to TrainerRoad. Namely, can I swap in a long ride on the weekend in the Sustained Power Build plan?

Not surprisingly (because they’re awesome) they replied to my tweet today. Turns out YES! So that’s what I’m going to do.

In other news, my race season officially starts this Saturday, June 17 at the Subaru Triathlon Series Guelph Lake Olympic distance event. I’m quite excited to finally get this year started and see how my base has built. I do not have any race goals or plans at the moment – still waiting to see how the rest of this week plays out before I set anything.

Lately my non-triathlon life has been extremely busy. I’ve been keeping up with my training and haven’t had to sacrifice any workouts (until today…) but that has meant some sacrifices elsewhere. One of those sacrifices is this blog. It’s been tough to maintain my weekly workout logs (those take about an hour each to compile here). I still have lots of things to say and write about, but I’m considering dropping the workout log from my regular posts and instead just write about key workouts and weekly goals less frequently. Unless those are actually helpful. If anyone is reading this and likes the weekly workouts, drop a comment below and I’ll keep doing them.

If you’re interested, last week I completed 1140 TSS over 15 hours 12 minutes. That’s a lot of time. It felt almost entirely great, with one exception. I had a miserable last ride of the week. I wasn’t able to hit my power targets and ended up calling the ride at about 50 minutes into the 2 hour block. That’s not surprising though, considering that I’ve now bumped my FTP to 210 watts (3.13 w/kg). Having not raced yet this year, I’m pleased to see that Training Peaks is now starting to consider my rides worthy of Cat 5 over 60, 20, and 5 minutes! Considering that I haven’t yet put in a race effort, really only the 20 and 5 minute efforts logged there are truly meaningful, and even the 20 minute is based on a now-surpassed FTP test.

Also, I’ve pulled my CTL back up to 126.1. Not bad!

I am due for an FTP test when I start my new training plan tomorrow. Will post back with how it goes. Spoiler: FTP bump incoming. I’m guessing it will land between 218-224 watts. Considering I started at 158 watts in November of 2016 and then spent two months injured, I’ve come an absolutely HUGE way. And I’ve really only base trained. Can’t wait to build.

Oh, and Kurt Kinetic is covering my bent turbo trainer under warranty. I’m expecting it to arrive in the mail tomorrow, and I’ll definitely be writing more about it then. Can’t believe this company. What awesome customer service. I super-recommend giving them some considerable thought when purchasing a turbo trainer. More on this soon, including pics of the fix.

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