The Winter that Never Ends…

The Winter that Never Ends…

I’m jonesin’ to get outside and ride. My Blades are not meant for a turbo trainer…

But, I’m a pretty significant cold weather wuss and as a result have not ventured out into the cold just yet. It snowed again overnight, which means I’m probably still at least a few weeks away from getting my bike out of the cave.

I’m ok to get out in the cold and run, if I have a guarantee of no ice. My wife and I moved in December to a new part of town. I’m much less familiar with this area and am very interested in getting out and finding some great places to run. The downside is that until very recently, there really hasn’t been much point in going outside to run.

A few weeks ago I started having IT band pain in my right side. I’ve been having it treated and am making some great progress in returning to running. Just today I did a 20 minute run that I’d consider to be symptom free (for the most part…). I have some weird aches and pains – the kind of stuff that pops up when you haven’t run for a few weeks – but nothing that I’d consider concerning, much less an injury. Point being that if a 20 minute run didn’t take me outside today, the walk/run activities that I’ve been doing up to this point won’t either. But that’s ok. The name of the game is progress. Or consistency. Consistent progress? Consistegress? …. ok I’ll stop.

Some other good news. I’m retiring my QR wetsuit! Finally having it replaced with a 2XU P:2 Propel 2018. It’s in the mail on the way to me right now, and I’m thrilled about it. Got a surprisingly good price on it too from over at This is the first purchase I’ve made from them, but I am pleasantly impressed with what I’ve seen so far. I had ordered a Zone3 Aspire, and they e-mailed me to double check my measurements. Then, when I sent them back, they called me to talk to me about fit and what I’d actually prefer. They did this without me prompting, and ultimately led me to choosing a different brand entirely at the same price point.

I can’t swim for a while yet (note the cold weather wuss above), but at least when I get out I’ll be stylish. I got the grey one – aka ROBOCOP!

And the new FTP at 240 is treating me actually very well. Training higher is pushing my aerobic capacity up a fair bit, and even with just a few short weeks at a higher intensity I’m now sitting around 130 bpm @ 170-180w, and ~155 bpm at 215w. During the FTP test I peaked at 178 (all time high on the bike) at 252w for 20 min (171 avg). So getting comfortable with the new power, and expecting that to shoot upward at the next test.

Lots more to come!

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