The Super Terrific Happy Hour!

The Super Terrific Happy Hour!

This morning I had a super terrific happy hour!

AKA an FTP Test.

This was the first FTP test of 2018, and second since I’ve started working with a coach. The first being just a baseline test of my fitness, this was the first real opportunity to see how the change in training, going from self-“coached” to actual-coached, is going.

Did not disappoint!

As mentioned, the 215 I had been training at was based on an almost-completely-untrained-after-winter-break test. That break happened to be longer than expected too thanks to a rather nasty season interrupting injury at the end of 2017.

But to my credit, I’ve really only been doing focused cycling work for the last five weeks. Prior to that, I was still cycling but my focused work was running.

Getting things off to a great start! Lots more to come.

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