Surprise! Gains!

Surprise! Gains!

Well that was unexpected. I’ve made a lot of improvements this year, but usually when I break through last year’s achievements I have  a feeling they’re coming. My fitness is already surpassing last year’s peaks according to Training Peaks. My swimming and cycling CTL are now higher than last year, while running is coming very close. But I’m still surprised when the new breakthroughs happen, well, by surprise.

Last night I was at the pool. It’s NHL playoffs, and exam period, and the Leafs are in the playoffs which means there was NOBODY at the pool. It was awesome. But I had a flat swim – not bad, on the plus side of good but barely – and went to bed feeling pretty mediocre. A tough time falling asleep and waking up quite a few times through the night as well. So when morning came and I felt actually good, I was surprised. Then I hopped on the bike.

This morning I broke a 60 minute power record while doing Galena on Trainer Road. Galena is 3 x 20 min at 90-94% FTP. Last week brought the first 3 x 20 min in the sweet spot that I’d encountered on Trainer Road. I was having a tough time with it then, but I guess a week’s worth of perseverance has paid off. Today’s ride was so good that it has me considering an FTP bump. I put 5 watts into the past 60 minute record, which I had set on Sunday. I’m now wondering if another 2-3 watts in the FTP might be warranted. For the next few days I’ll leave things where they are but I might consider a bump more seriously if I’m still feeling good about progress on Thursday-ish.

I have a full FTP test coming next Tuesday as well, so there’s not a major rush to do the bump. I’ll be curious to see how the test goes, as by then I’ll have been using this TR plan for a full 6 weeks. So more good news this season. Looking forward to what is to come!

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing! And what an excellent job so far in your training—bravo! 🙂

    Hard work always pays off. Keep it up and have a great rest of your season!

    Thanks for your support and dedication in training with us.

    Community Manager at TrainerRoad — Cycling’s Most Effective Training System

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