Sorry, Neighbours.

Sorry, Neighbours.

I was up a bit earlier than usual today to spend some time on the treadmill. The next few days are pretty busy in my personal life, so needing to carve out some time to spend running is necessary. That happens.

I’d forgotten how difficult it is to run on sleeping muscles though. Strangely, you wouldn’t know it from looking at my pace and hr graphs from today compared to two days ago (I did basically the same workout – 50 mins slow pace build).

8 March 2017 Run
8 March (PM) (71.9 TSS @ 136 avg HR)
10 March 2017 Run
10 March (AM) (66.8 TSS @ 131 avg HR)

After a few minutes of jogging, seems like my body warmed up nicely. I was actually expecting this run to be a minor sufferfest since I swam & biked yesterday evening. Relatively speaking, lots of volume in the last 14 hours. Lots more to come though. Nice to see some minor gains too. Running is coming back. Should be back to normal pace in a few weeks, and then building on that soon after.

Still, even with the workout going reasonably well, which is obviously a great thing, I find it tough to mentally get up for the workout. When I schedule evening workouts I spend the day looking forward to them, excited to get home & crank some watts or see what I can do. But the morning workouts require me to go from zero (literally, asleep) to 100 in minutes.

Today, that change meant a bit of a mental mistake. I have two siberian husky dogs. They’re great, usually. We have a bit of a morning routine, but the morning workouts do not factor into that routine at all.

Scout likes her bed and pizza.

In brief, they go out when I get up, come back in a few minutes later, and then usually go back outside shortly after that. On a normal day, I am sitting with my cereal and able to let them in when they’re ready. Today not so much.

Started normal. Out, in, back out.. but then treadmill. And then shower. It wasn’t until after I got out of the shower that I realized I’d left one of them outside. And I could tell she wasn’t happy by the barking and jumping at the door. So apologies to my neighbours. My bad. I’ll do better next time. They’re cute – that counts for something, right?

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