Recovery Week is for Sleeping

Recovery Week is for Sleeping

Two days this week I’ve decided to hit the snooze and sleep. This is likely a good decision. Monday is a no-morning-workout day, but I was up at 6 anyway to try to stay in the rhythm of getting up early. Tuesday was a snoozer, since I was going to ride outside Tuesday evening instead of on the trainer in the morning. Wednesday I was up at 5, with a leisurely morning run at 6. Thursday I had every intention of getting up at 5 for my morning ride but when the alarm hit I woke with a headache and the feeling of the beginning of a head cold, so I snoozed till 7.

All that is probably just fine though. I’ve been swimming and running as planned this week, and I’m currently on a “cycling recovery week.” That’s Chris-speak for “I haven’t run or swam with consistency lately, so keep going on those two but its a scheduled recovery week so take it easy on the bike.”

So far so good. Swim tonight, and a ride if there is time, but I have a date with my wife and that is going to take priority. I’ll be up for a ride tomorrow morning, but then its off for the weekend for some summer fun with some friends.

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