Recovering Like a Boss

Recovering Like a Boss

Recovery week is upon us!

I never think I need a recovery week until I’m into the week and start to feel better again. This time, I’m becoming re-acquainted with my couch, my floor, and my foam roller. I think those three things missed me because I seem to be spending a fair bit of time with them.

Monday was a great day off – bigtime mental and physical break. Big projects at work kept me late Monday but was no sweat because I wasn’t missing any workouts!

Tuesday got things rolling again with a 90 min spin @ IF of ~0.67, aka nice and easy. Again held late at work for projects but again no sweat because I wasn’t missing any workouts! Though I did skip a swim that I had scheduled for Tuesday evening. I figure if I’m in recovery week, I should spend the time recovering. So I did. It was great.

This morning I woke up feeling actually pretty good. My calf muscle pain has disappeared, though my left hamstring still has some lingering inflammation and it seems to also be in my left glute a bit too. The rest of my body is starting to feel strong again though, so I don’t think this will stick around for much longer. And my lungs don’t hurt today, for the first time in ages. My 60 minute spin @ IF of ~0.65 this morning was a breeze.

I am supposed to run tonight, but with my hamstring feeling as it is I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I may do a short 5 km or so, though right now I’m leaning towards swapping that out for a swim instead.

That’s the joy of recovery week. The goal is to recover and not lose fitness. In that order. I’ll bring the hard work back next week. There’s almost no way I’ll hit my TSS goal for the week either. No worry! For now, I’m recovering like a boss!

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