Post-Guelph Recovery

Post-Guelph Recovery

I’ve just finished a short, low-and-slow run. And I mean just – I’m still dripping and haven’t taken my shoes off yet.

Today was a 30-40 minute low intensity run. My third workout since the race on Saturday. I’m surprised at how long it is taking for me to feel recovered. Monday I took a short swim – about 2000 meters, low intensity. Tuesday did ~30 minutes just noodling around on Zwift, low intensity. And today the run. I’ve been feeling better every day, but still feeling a bit depleted.

In the race, I had a fair bit of cramping in my right quad. Still not sure why this is but I ran through it. As you might expect, my right leg is where I’m feeling it most still. My ride yesterday felt fine, and most of my run today it was also fine, but I ended up stopping at around 35 minutes because of my leg. It started to hurt in a bad way and I basically called it immediately. Hoping this clears up. My desk job – I’d expect that to help – but not enough yet I suppose.

The plan was for today to be a regular workout day. Today’s run was on the light side of things, but I was out there and that counts. There’s a ride scheduled tonight that calls for a bit more work than this. I’m going to do it, and hope for the best. It won’t go well, but that’s ok. As long as I don’t overdo things, I’m moving in the right direction.

Just a bit over two weeks to go before my next event! Ironman Muskoka 70.3 on July 9!

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