Ok, Ok… Spring is not a Lie!

Ok, Ok… Spring is not a Lie!

Well, turns out the sun came out today. All the snow that was here this morning is now long gone. The sky is blue. It ended up being a great spring day, not a brutal one like I thought. I guess spring is not a lie afterall!

I mentioned earlier that I need new shoes. My runners – Triumph ISO – are pretty flat. I think they’re causing some problems. Aches and pains. That kind of thing. I’ve been trying to figure out which shoes to go with, and to make a long story short I picked up some Saucony Kinvara 8s. Time for a test run!
Saucony Kinvara 8 and Spring is not a Lie

I decided to take the dogs too, so they got some exercise. Here’s how it went down. Short 2.7 km with Loki and the Kinvaras, followed by a short 2.7 km with Scout and the Triumphs, followed by 2.9 km on my own. So not a lot of distance – good for a recovery week. Just 8.3 km.

Loki got dragged for half of it. Turns out he’s a fat dog. Scout only got dragged for about a quarter of it, and she had a second wind and ended up pulling me a bit. She’s also a fat dog, but less fat. Hopefully I can get out with them a bit more in the future. Once they’re a bit better conditioned, I think they’ll be good to pace me a bit, at least until the weather gets too hot for them (they’re both Siberian Huskies).

As for the shoes… holy hell my Triumphs are flat. I could tell almost instantly that they need to be replaced pretty badly, so it is good that I went to grab the new ones today. But, because the transition from an 8mm drop to a 4mm drop will take some time, I’m not out of the woods yet. Will likely take at least a few weeks before I’m able to run in the Kinvaras full time. Hopefully I’m able to hold out on the other aches and pains caused by the Triumphs until that happens.

In all, I’m a bit disappointed in the Triumphs. They held up for only ~540km. That’s just not good enough for a (pricey, “premium”) shoe that’s designed for long runs and cushioning impact. I am sure that my form isn’t helping here, but I was expecting to hit at least 650 before swapping. Not very happy. The Kinvaras are supposed to be great shoes – very popular. So I guess we’ll see how they go!

The switch to the Kinvaras was mostly because I want to run less on my heels and more on my forefoot. I did a running consult a few months back and one of the recommendations was to run more on my forefoot. A lower drop shoe should help with that. I felt like I was striking a bit better out there, but its hard to tell when also trying to manage the pace of a dog. They’re also very popular – a lot of runners really like them.

Dogs are both sleeping now, by the way. 2.7 km isn’t much for me but apparently that’s all they can take!

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