Nuts Week….

Nuts Week….

This has been a crazy nuts week. Honestly, I have no idea how to feel about it.

Monday & Tuesday I wrote about a bit here. Short version – took two days to spend with my wife and not train, with the exception of a Tuesday morning FTP test on the bike (with excellent results, so points in the plus column).

My weekly TSS goal was 1310, which is a lot. As of right now, Saturday evening, I’m sitting at 891 completed with 204 scheduled tomorrow (129 bike / 75 swim). That would put me to 1095. In Base 2 Week 1 I hit 1134, and in Base 2 Week 2 I hit 1227. So 1310 seems like a pretty natural step upwards. 1095 is obviously not a step up.

So how did I get into this odd situation? Well, it hasn’t been a bad training week. I’ve had some great workouts and am generally pretty happy with my performance in them. Monday & Tuesday out of the picture left me with only 5 days to hit 1310, which means 262 TSS per day instead of the expected, and much more reasonable 188. My wife was away Wednesday through Friday, which meant I had lots of time to train & took good advantage of that. Wednesday I hit 275 TSS, Thursday was 213.5, Friday was 207.6. A bit behind the required 262 per day but usually Saturday and Sunday are high volume days.

The nuts week part of the week is how I got there. Wednesday was a triple that included a hard ride and a hard-ish run, and Friday included my hardest run workout yet. Both of these were firsts for the season. First triple, and first time I tried a new run workout. Perhaps rather than a nuts week, it’s been a nuts running week. Wednesday included 6 x 1km at sub 5 min per km. It went surprisingly well. So much so that I increased this on Friday’s run to 9 x 5 min at sub 4:55 per km. This effort also went very well, until the last two reps. I started to get some pain in my calves – and not good pain – in rep 8. Should have probably stopped but I was so close to having done it and wanted the mental victory.

I need to learn the difference between training pain and pain pain. Training pain good. Pain pain bad.

Saturday I was planning a 75 TSS swim (completed, actually hit 84.7), a 134 TSS ride, and a short run if I felt up to it. Swim went well, but I was hesitant about the bike. Friday’s run was a hard one that had some issues. The lingering calf pain, well, lingered. Knowing I needed some deep recovery, I took Saturday as a chance to get some quality recovery in. I slept for almost a full 12 hours Friday->Saturday, and after my noon swim I took a snooze on the couch and didn’t move much at all. Was feeling decently heading into my ride at about 5:30pm.

I started the ride. About 15 mins in I decided to commit to the ride as my legs were feeling good enough. Got through the warm up and just as the first interval clicks on, my Di2 battery died. And I was in the small ring, so there was no way I could get the power required to hit target. Since I couldn’t hit target, I thought I’d take it as a sign and just quit the ride. I threw it in, took a shower, and set the battery on the charger.

Tomorrow being Sunday, I have an opportunity to make up for Saturday’s loss of ride. If I’m feeling up to it, I might do a double-ride, which would mean 2 x 2 hour TrainerRoad sessions and a pool swim. That would get me to my 1310 TSS. Or I could do a slow jog of about 15km, if the weather and my body are feeling up to that. Honestly, I can’t decide which is more appealing, probably because they’re both not appealing. My legs need a break from the run and I’m really finding that the huge FTP bump I made earlier this week is taking some adjusting. It is definitely the correct adjustment, but, well, its higher power, and I can tell.

The good news is that all of this leads into a recovery week. Base 2 Week 3 is almost over and then I get to drop my TSS to 840 for a week. I’m really looking forward to this one. I’m really happy with my fitness gains, but ready for a short break after this crazy nuts week.

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