And Now for Something Totally Different!

And Now for Something Totally Different!

Monday & Tuesday of this week were a bit different than typical this week. My wife has been working hard in grad school, and finished up the term on Saturday. I decided to take a few days off from work to spend with her before she gets going again, so Monday and Tuesday of this week were busy!

We decided on two day trips. Monday, we took a drive up to the Bruce Peninsula to do some hiking. Of course, our dogs came along. The hiking up there is fantastic. It’s fairly rugged, so even though it is “just” hiking, it’s still quite a solid workout. The limestone escarpment makes for some very uneven terrain, though I must say that the dogs did quite well on it.

As huskies, you’d expect them to love hiking, and of course they do. We have hiked with them in the past with great success, including overnighters in Algonquin where they carry packs with their own supplies. With this being just a day trip, that wasn’t necessary this time around, so I lugged a bit of food and water for them in my day pack.

The sun was out all day with almost no clouds in the sky. I did manage to get a bit sunburnt, though not too bad as all that was exposed was my face. It was fairly windy, and around 15 degrees C,┬ámaking it a cool day that’s great for hiking. Amazingly, or perhaps not given that it was a Monday in April, the park was completely empty. We saw just a handful of people there, making it a great escape from civilization, if only for a day.

On Tuesday, we went in almost the complete opposite direction. We hopped on the GO Train into Toronto for a trip to the ROM. Lots to see here (but for some reason closes at 5:30 pm… on a weekday… in Toronto?). And the building is really something to see. It’s practically worth the trip just on its own.

The dinosaur exhibit is probably the most popular one there, and for good reason. They’ve got a fairly large collection of both real and replica bones and structures, many of which are from dinosaurs found in Alberta. So there’s a cool Canadian connection. Other exhibits were neat too – they had a massive collection of stuffed (taxidermy) animals. Most of which I think were found in Canada, though there were a few that I wasn’t so sure about. I’ve never seen a squid in Canada. Not that they don’t exist… but I haven’t seen it.

The best thing they had on display though was the blue whale exhibit. A few years back two blue whales washed up on the coast in the maritimes. These small fishing villages were not properly equipped to actually do anything about the whales, which were dead, rotting, and had potential to explode (yes, really). The ROM managed to get approval to essentially deconstruct the carcass, extract as much as possible for study, and then clean and display the bone structure at the ROM. For one of the whales, they also managed to retrieve the heart. This is more impressive than it sounds, since the whale heart is about the size of a Smart car. Apparently it can pump 150 litres of blood with each beat!

We also had a fantastic dinner at a local restaurant. Famoso’s, or something like that. Highly recommend, if you’re around one. Apparently it’s a small chain. And you should go. Incredible.

While we had a fantastic couple of days, I definitely neglected a bit of training on a heavy TSS week. Just to touch on this briefly, Tuesday morning I did my cycling FTP test as I posted last, but I usually work out Monday and Tuesday evening as well. Coming into Wednesday I was two workouts behind “schedule” in a week where I’m targeting 1310 TSS and had a 30 watt FTP bump on the bike. I have some work to do the rest of the week to make up for that. Wednesday I pulled my first triple of the year. 90 mins on the bike (103 TSS), bit over an hour on the run (106 TSS), and a relaxing 3450m in the pool (67 TSS). Even though its a triple, this isn’t my heaviest day of the year so far. So feeling halfway decent on Thursday morning, though I did change my Thursday plan slightly (just moving my ride to the evening instead of doing it at 5AM for the benefit of 8 extra hrs of recovery). I’ve got a plan to hit 1310 TSS (which does not count the 10km we hiked on Monday or the huge distance we walked on Tuesday), so should be a good, albeit very busy rest of the training week.

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