New Set of Blade Carbon Wheels First Impressions!

New Set of Blade Carbon Wheels First Impressions!

My new set of Blade Carbon Wheels showed up today. I’m pretty excited to hit the road with them! The weather tonight disagreed, but I’ll have a better chance over the next few days to get some time with them.

It is hard to write about new wheels that haven’t been ridden on yet, but I’ll include some photos of how things looked as I unboxed and installed the wheels. This isn’t a formal review, just some photos and some quick thoughts on how things went today installing.

Blade Carbon Wheels Shipping
The wheels shipped in a sturdy box that’s well taped and wrapped in “Fragile” signage. The handle on the box is a nice touch too!

Inside PackagingWheels are supported in the box by more cardboard and wrapped in foam, separated from each other by Styrofoam. Well packed. Absolutely no chance of damage during shipping.

Also in the box: two quick release skewers, four brake pads, a 10 speed spacer (hub is 11 speed) and a valve extender.

Blade Carbon Wheels WrapEach wheel is individually wrapped and the hubs are protected.

80/60 Blade Carbon Wheels Deep Section Triathlon WheelsMy set! The 60/88 set with white hubs and black spokes. The rear wheel is the 88 (left). I think the hubs on these are really nice looking!

Well taped rim tape

High quality rim tape on the inside.

Triathlon Wheels Blade Carbon

Carbon Wheels Ultegra Triathlon

And finally, the “doesn’t do it justice because its inside on a dark and cold crappy night” teaser shot of my ride.

Teaser Cervelo P3 Di2 Blade Carbon Wheels Deep Section Carbon Triathlon Wheels

These wheels are HOT! My bike has never looked better, and in all honesty it could use a bit of a scrub down. It’ll look even BETTER in a few short days! These deep section carbon wheels will be used for my outdoor training this year, and of course I’ll be racing fast on them at all my triathlon events.

So far I’m impressed. Like I said, its easy to be impressed without riding but this was a breeze. Everything fits perfectly and looks great. This weekend I’ll have a chance to clean up my bike a bit and get outside in the sunshine. I’ll take some proper photos and post again with them as well as some thoughts on the ride.


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