Long Run with Long Hills brings Long Hurt

Long Run with Long Hills brings Long Hurt

Last year I shifted my long runs to early in the week. I found that of all the workouts I do, this is the one that I loathe the most. Running is now my weakest discipline, probably by a pretty wide margin. I haven’t really learned how to suffer well while running. I’m getting there, and hope to this year, but definitely am not there yet.

That actually sounds pretty awful. But what I mean is that part of training is learning how to work hard and manage how it feels. Spoiler: working hard usually hurts, especially over long distances. I’ve come to learn how to manage how that feels in the pool, and am making massive gains in that regard on the bike, but have yet to really figure it all out while running. This year feels like my year.

Part of this means I’m reading a lot about how to train for running. One of the tips I’ve read is that the long run should be changed up from week to week in some way. It is important to make the most of those runs. So today I planned to run the same distance as my last long run – about 16km – but to add long hills.

As with my runs last week, I set out in my new Kinvaras and swapped shoes after the first 20 mins or so. This is why the run is actually broken into two separate runs in the data. Here are the elevation profiles for tonight:

Run 1 – 3.9km, gain of 32m
Elevation Profile

Run 2 – 12.4km, gain of 130m
Elevation Profile - Long Hill Run

Note the change on the scale on the right side. Basically it amounts to a fair bit of uphill. At least I think that’s a fair bit.

What is a lot of up hill? I did some googling, turns out there’s not really consensus. What’s a lot of uphill to you?

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