Coming up to the end of Cycling Base!

Coming up to the end of Cycling Base!

I get to celebrate the end of a HUGE accomplishment (for me). I’m in my last week right now of Trainer Road’s Sweet Spot Base High Volume. Holy cow does this thing WORK! I’ve put on over 50 watts from my first FTP test, and I’m sure I’ll add at least another 10-15 on my next test (Tuesday). That’s a ton of growth.

I’m celebrating because its hard and I’m sticking at it. It’s a lot of cycling, and my abilities have grown a ton this year so far as a result. For me the really nice thing is having high quality workouts and plans available, but that’s really only just the beginning. They don’t tell you this when you sign up, but you actually have to do the plan to get fitter.

That was a joke. You were supposed to laugh.

Now that I’m coming up on the end of this plan, I’m trying to decide what to do next. One of the things missing from the plan is long riding. There’s tons of volume but it is in 2 hour chunks at the long end. For my intended goals, I need to start incorporating longer rides.

My next plan I have two (well, three, but two really) options.

First, I could go with a Triathlon build plan. There is one specifically for half distance races and one for full distance. Both are appealing but for different reasons. I am planning two half’s this year and zero fulls. However, I’m coming off a TON of base work and dropping the TSS from what I was doing to what is in the half plan is just not appealing. The drop is too far, workouts too few – about half the weekly TSS I’ve become accustomed to. This does have advantages – more energy for the other disciplines. But just doesn’t look like enough. The full plan is also an option. More TSS and more hours, but still such a huge drop from what I’ve been doing that I think it would be too easy.

Second, I could go with the Sustained Power build plan. This looks generally far more like what I’m interested in. Still 6 days a week riding and some solid TSS – a bit less than double what’s in the triathlon plans at the start. The plan itself looks like it would be very good at accomplishing the intended goals: get more watts and hold onto them for longer. However, there are no long rides. The longest is two hours.

Doing “only” two halfs this year, I really only need a long ride that maxes out at 4 hours – at the absolute most. Last year I got away with a single 3:15 long ride, but of course I want to do better than last year. More long rides of longer duration is in the goal list for this season. So really not sure what to do. I could augment the sustained power plan with a longer ride on one of the weekend days. Right now that’s leading. I wonder what other triathletes in this situation would do….

Any tips? Anyone?

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