Busting Out

Busting Out

I’m busting out of this rut. Here’s what’s up.

This morning I had a terrible ride. That makes 2 of the last 4 rides being awful, with the others being not particularly great. Antelope +5 is 7 x 10 min in the sweet spot over 2 hrs. Should be do-able. I’ve done it before. It’s actually kind of fun.

But it sucked, hard. So hard in fact that I stopped my ride mid-ride. I finished the first hour and quit. And I was furious. Like let’s go spend $2000 on a Taxc Neo pissed.

I didn’t, btw. But I wanted to. Actually on Kijiji there’s a guy selling a LeMond Revolution that I want. But for now I’m going to stick with my existing Kurt Kinetic circa 2006.

Back on topic. I bailed on the ride. At this point I was convinced that the inertia (or rather lack thereof) was the problem. That’s one of the things those new fancy trainers do so well is keep the inertia. Long spin ups and spin downs. That’s perfect for what I’m after. As the wheel slows, I have to work that much harder to keep the pedal turning at a specific wattage. Hard to do when its up and down like that, and also impacts my power data because it is a left-side only power meter that I use. Maybe that’s the reason I’ve been having the hamstring issues as of late? Too much power, just over use? Chiro thinks its nerve related… sciatica related.. I’m not so sure….

So I did some research today. Scratched the idea of spending my way out of this problem. I came across two useful tips. Tip #1 – use isopropyl alcohol to clean the roller on the trainer. That will dissolve any gunk and make the tire stick properly. Tip #2 – put the frigging bike on properly. I had no idea I was on wrong for the last week or so. Since I swapped out my old trainer tire I’ve been having a rough time. I must have had it on the trainer properly with my old tire, and incorrectly with my new one. How stupid is that!?

With these two tips in hand, and after almost passing out from alcohol fumes in my moderately well ventilated cave, I hopped back on to finish up Antelope +5. And surprise surprise. If you do things right, the right things happen. I absolutely crushed the 2nd hour of that ride, and it felt WAY easier than it did this morning. That was my best hour on the bike in a week. No hamstring problems at all. All muscles felt like they were firing properly. I even got in to aero for short bits (Chiro says no while I’m healing). And the pedals actually felt like they had some inertia in them! Amazing!

Naturally I’m feeling pretty optimistic about this. I am busting out of my rut. Going to work at the proper intensity, get my hammy back to health, and keep on training. To think, this morning I was thinking that I need to change EVERYTHING. Turns out I just needed to tweak one thing, and away I go, busting out of this rut.

To the pool!

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