Hard Recovery

Hard Recovery

Yep, Blargh. The long run from yesterday tapped me a bit. Feeling drained today, so much so that I even have my compression socks on. I should have had them on last night post-run but didn’t think about it. Hard recovery.

My 5 AM ride today was supposed to be 80 minutes with 4 x 15 at sweet spot intensity (75% to 90% FTP today) – Trainer Road’s Glassy. I managed to get the first two done but after that my legs gave out. This is the first time this year that it has happened – no matter how much I wanted to push I just didn’t have it this morning. I started the third but missed the power target on the first interval by a few watts. I ended up spinning out the rest of the ride, so I still rode for the full 80. Just at a much lower intensity than was prescribed.

It was a strange feeling. My aerobic system was pushing just fine, relatively speaking. But my muscles just didn’t have it. Usually it’s the opposite. If I run into trouble its because my aerobic system can’t keep up. I wonder if this is a symptom of the progress I’ve made in the aerobic system this year. One of my major focus points this season is to build a massive aerobic engine – one of the many reasons why I’m spending so much time cycling. My progress here has been pretty strong so far. Noticing major gains in all three disciplines aerobically. Maybe I’ll have to figure out this muscle fatigue thing a bit better, or figure out how to recover better than I am. Actually, that’s a good idea. That’s the lesson I’ll take from this. I need to learn how to recover better after a long workout day (yesterday was a whopping 237 TSS points – my second largest accumulation of bike/run TSS in a single day excluding races).

Still managed to grab 66 of the planned 81 TSS points this morning. Burned over 500 cals. Not all bad. Just not good either. Not every workout can be a good one though, so I’ll just keep my head up and keep moving forward.

Tonight is a swim night. I’ll try to flush out my legs a bit with the kickboard and see how I’m feeling there. No planned workout yet but I’ll probably do something endurance focused tonight.

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