In a bit of a rut it seems

In a bit of a rut it seems

I am thinking it is definitely temporary but I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. Cycling is going mostly well, and yesterday I managed to get some pool time in. Still haven’t run since last Tuesday though.

The rut is a small one. My workout this morning was frustrating. I just couldn’t seem to hit the power target. Not sure why, but I tried adjusting the resistance on the trainer twice, deflating and re-inflating my rear tire, and re-calibrating my power meter. Nothing seemed to help though. I guess I just didn’t have it. Weird though since my heart rate was more or less normal – maybe a few beats high but nothing critical. Temps were ok in the room and my fans were going. I was fueled. Just didn’t have the muscles for it. Strange since I didn’t ride Monday (planned). I expected a good ride this morning but was met with frustration. Started me off in a bad mood.

Yesterday’s swim was much the same. My times were more or less good just not as good as I was hoping. That one I’ll chalk up to some really disjointed swim work due to horrible pool schedules. I’ve been struggling just to maintain my gains, much less gain further, due to an erratic pool schedule. Stability needs to be the name of the game going forward.

On top of that, work was frustrating today. Just not a great day there either. The good news is that my back is feeling pretty good. The exercises to strengthen and balance the key areas is definitely working – my left hamstring is sore and my glutes have been as well for some time now. Back to the doctor tomorrow for another check. Hoping its good news, and I’m expecting it is.

Tomorrow marks one month until my first event of the season. I’ll be at Guelph Lake for the Olympic distance tri on June 17. Excited for it! Something to look forward to, but that’s also something to stress about with my current lack of running…..

Turning in early tonight. Extra Z’s. Tomorrow is a better day. I’ll bust out of this rut soon.

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