Base 2 Week 1 is Starting!

Base 2 Week 1 is Starting!

Base 1 is now officially in the past. Base 2 Week 1 gets underway this week. While not a lot will change, there are a few things that are going to happen differently.

I finally have my power meter set up correctly!

My Vector 2S is great, and will be (has already been) invaluable this year. I mentioned a few posts back that I had it set up incorrectly though. Long story short, I used the wrong crank length when setting it up. I had put in 167.5, instead of the actually accurate 170mm crank length.

I’ve done a bit of googling about, and this is actually an extremely difficult thing to understand for a non-physics person like myself. Some is straightforward – e.g. a longer lever requires less force than a short lever applied to move an object – while some is decidedly not – e.g. transferring that force into torque into watts… or something. Whatever.

By my best estimate, which is founded on estimating what I think I read about physics……. my power is acutally about 1.5% higher than what it currently reads at. That means my current FTP of 2.41 w/kg is probably, give or take, about 2.44 or 2.45 w/kg. So not a huge difference there. Turns out 2.5mm isn’t that big.

But that’s ok, because one of the things that’s going to happen this block is another increase in FTP. That’s the point of training. Increase FTP!

I will finish Part 1 of TrainerRoad’s Sweet Spot Base High Volume!

Taking my recovery week last week instead of at the defined point in the plan was absolutely the right call for me. Balancing the three disciplines means carrying a fair bit of fatigue, and I’ve talked about that a lot lately. I did the first three weeks as Base 1 Week 1, 2, and 3 as prescribed in the plan. Then from the SSB plan I did week 6, which is a prescribed recovery week. That leaves weeks 4 & 5.

I’ll still do a three week block this time around, so I’ll do SSB HV1 week 4 & 5, then switch to SSB HV2 week 1 before entering a recovery week again. Likely that week will be really similar to my last week, but I also haven’t looked to see what the HV2’s recovery week looks like. If it looks better, I’ll do that one.

So far my impressions of the Sweet Spot Base plan are quite positive. It is definitely different than what I’m used to. Still a ways to go before a final evaluation, but to date I have no real complaints!

I’ve revised my CTL goals for my Race Events!

After planning my week this week, trying to hit a target of 980 TSS, I figured that it wasn’t possible while hitting the kind of volume I want to. So I adjusted my CTL goal for my focus events, increasing by 10 points. Still, even with this adjustment, my CTL goal still only moved up by 20 points.

Even with the pool being closed this weekend, meaning I can only fit in two swims this week, I still planned for 1076. So I’m not sure what’s going to happen with that, but I’m going to just keep going.

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