Back to Work…..?

Back to Work…..?

Such a strange workout week. Dealing with two completely distinct issues:

  1. My back/sciatica. I posted twice this week already about my back, so I won’t go into detail about it again here. The pain is still there in my lower back area, though it is getting less and Advil seems to handle the worst of the pain. I’m doing physio exercises to strengthen the area and am hopeful that I have good, quick results. Not being in Aero is hell, and I can’t believe I’m saying that. But worst of all is that due to the sciatic nerve pain behind my left knee I’m on orders not to run until it has cleared up.
  2. THE POOL IS CLOSED AGAIN! Rage face. Closed 3 of the last 5 weekends, and an addition bonus two days through this week. I’ve managed to swim both nights the pool was open this week. Yes, that’s right, it was open for TWO days this week for my usual time slot. Ragingest Rage Face that ever Raged.

I like my routines. I like working hard. Both of these issues are minor, and one individually is really no big deal. But both together mean I’m suck in one discipline for almost a full week. If I wasn’t riding like crazy right now I’d miss this week’s TSS target. But it also helps that I really only had to cancel a few workouts this week due to #1 and #2 – I made it Monday to half of Friday without needing to change plans and racked up 722 TSS along the way. It is only a run Friday evening, Swim Saturday or Sunday (maybe both, was undecided), and a run Saturday or Sunday that I had to cancel. Oh and a swim Thursday due to closure, so I guess I lied a bit there. My bad.

I’ve looked around at other pools and am not a fan of scheduling, plus I don’t want to pay more than I already am… and it is too cold out to swim in the nearby lake. Soon… May long weekend is next weekend, and I’m sure I’ll try (and chicken out of) swimming in Lake Huron. Wetsuit time is upon us.

My last run was Tuesday morning. I managed to complete that run – 1:15 in a slow pace. Tomorrow I will try a short run, no more than 30 minutes, slow pace, and quit as soon as the sciatic pain starts up, if it does. I am hopeful that what is there is less than what I had on Tuesday. This pain hasn’t been an issue for me on the bike, thankfully. I’m not feeling any sciatic pain there at all. It’s only in the back that bugs me a bit on the bike. The order not to be in Aero is surprisingly difficult, especially on harder rides. It hurts my hands – my bike is not designed for that kind of riding. It wants aero all the time.

The good news is that the Dr is pleased with my progress so far, and I’m being diligent about my exercises. Hoping to have this little back problem squared away asap.

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