Back to Work!

Back to Work!

Well if there was ever doubt in my mind about getting back into the swing of things, it is definitely 99% gone now. Since Monday, I’ve racked up 515 TSS (today being end of Wednesday) across all three disciplines. Whatever is going on in my back/leg doesn’t seem to be slowing me down. At least not much. I seem to be pretty much back to work across the board, and I’m pretty stoked about that.

I did get to my GP this week. They really didn’t seem concerned at all. I was there for all of 10 minutes, maybe less. Took a look, did some movements, was recommended that I go to physio for it but otherwise no “Don’t do this workout” talk. I was sure to mention that I am a triathlete. They just didn’t seem concerned in the least.

Also, whatever it was that the Chiro did to me on Monday morning has gone a long way. The pain is not gone from my back, but it is about 10% or less of what it was prior to getting in there. I have little to no muscle tension, and the discomfort that is there is being taken care of by Advil. That was the one thing recommended by the GP. Treat the pain. But I go back to the Chiro tomorrow, and I’m expecting to have good news there as well. And, whatever treatment occurs there should help me to feel better too, I hope.

The only thing that is still a major problem is running. I haven’t run since Tuesday, and while I managed to run for a while – 1:15 – I did not run fast and the nerve in my leg was hurty the entire time. And, I am fairly confident that if I were to run right now, the results would be very similar. My schedule has no runs until Friday though, so we’ll just have to see what happens next.

My 515 TSS has consisted of two runs, two swims, and two rides. Today happened to be a bike in the AM and swim in the PM. The bike hurt – especially towards the end. This is largely due to the increased cycling load with another week’s increase in TSS. I’m now into Sweet Spot Base High Volume 2, week 2. And through this plan they aren’t screwing around. It’s a lot of cycling. Once I’m fully back into regular workouts again (usually takes a few days for me to re-adapt after a recovery week) I should be just fine doing longer rides on the daily though. But the two rides I’ve done – painful as they may have been – have been mostly good. I’ve been hitting power targets and no real concerns.

My swims have been strong as well. Tonight’s was a punchy 2900m set with a ton of threshold work. That 2900 includes a 800m warm up and a 300m cool down, and I still managed to do the full workout with only 44:34 in actual swim time (excluding rest periods) for an average moving pace of 1:32. For me that’s pretty quick, punchy. Felt like crap but the pace times were on my side (weird, but not complaining).

So I guess all this is to say that I’m ok, and I’m keeping moving forwards with the right medical advice and care.

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