About Me

About Me

If you don’t do it, you’ll never do it.

It is a mindset. Certainly, it is one that applies to endurance sports, but it is widely applicable outside of that too.

It means no one is going to do it for me. I have to make my life happen, because others are too busy making their own lives happen to make mine happen too. To be clear, this does not mean “Every man/woman/child for themselves!” – that’s nonsensical.

More specifically, if I don’t do the work I don’t finish the race. Going long or going fast, without discipline, consistency, planning, and proper training I’m not, and instead 55 pounds heavier and still sitting on the couch.

So why do I matter? Better yet, do I matter? Maybe. Not likely, honestly, but probably depends more on you than me. I’m a normal guy. I’m from a small town in southwestern Ontario, I played high school sports, I went to university, graduated, got a job, got married. At no point through that time was I running sub-5:00 kms on the regular. I was barely cycling at 30 km/hr when I was even fit enough to do it. I’m a normal guy.

But I have now had the chance to build on top of that. I leisurely competed in triathlon from 2004-2006, but then with school and mid-20s life, it was easy to find other things to occupy my time. Closing in on my 30s, I decided 2016 was the year to return to the sport. Once I made that decision, it took seconds to fall back in. My wife’s support helped me be consistent in my training in 2016, leading me to lose 55 pounds and finish the MultiSport Canada Barrelman half-distance race in ~5:35. I came a long way.

And I’ve got a long way to go. I’m not going to be the fastest guy out there, but I have a lot I want to accomplish still. I’ll be back at Barrelman in 2017 with new goals. Through consistency and discipline, I’m confident that this normal guy will do some non-normal things.

Why a blog? Not sure, really. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. Now that I’ve been at it for a bit, I’ve found that it helps to keep my training focused. Writing about the work helps me vent when things don’t go well, but also helps me reflect on the things that are above expectations. This increased awareness of my fitness, workouts, and goals helps me keep focus and move forward. So, the blog is definitely far more “for me” than “for you” – sorry, but that’s just how it is.

One last thing. I intend to be an open book here. Because I’m not going to win any races, I might as well share what I do have to offer. If you’re reading this and have questions, please feel free to ask. If you want to know my FTP, or my max HR, or threshold paces, I’ll tell you. I’ve got no secrets – I’m a massive data nerd tracking everything meticulously – so if you learn something too that’s even better.

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